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Building our Youth, for the future is something as community members and leaders we should be refocusing our energies. To quote Franklin D. Roosevelt, “We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future.” As a community campaigner over the years I have regularly attended community events and met with local community groups and organisations. It amazes me that succession planning, to include younger members of these quite successful organisations has not developed as effectively as their organisations. Succession planning and having younger members on boards being mentored by the elders of the group sharing their knowledge and supporting them to eventually succeed them, is essential for the regeneration of community organisations and groups. I am proud to be guiding the Youth (16-30 years) arm of CEN together with the experienced elders of our committee and supporting them with ongoing training, events and projects to build on their leadership and community engagement skills. The best legacy we can leave behind is a generation of leaders resilient enough to manage any future challengers they may face. Our CEN Youth in their first project will be partnering and supporting the 2019 Central Coast High Schools Competition, ‘Human Rights in an Age of Climate Change- So What’s the Action Plan?’ For more information contact us


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