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ccwrsIn 2005 CCWRS put forward a proposal to Lake Macquarie City Council to undertake a ‘wildplant’ rescue within the Forest Red Gum community in the Lake Sector Development.

After meeting with LMCC Land Management Coordinator and Lensworth Wallarah Peninsula Pty Ltd a quote was provided and accepted for CCWRS to rescue what plant material we could before the land was cleared for development.

The rescue was undertaken within a 5m zone on both sides of the proposed access road and transplanted to a roundabout and adjoining area, the most suitable option being to transplant targeted species immediately after removal.

Firstly plants targeted for removal/transplant are identified and tagged. Plants are placed in bins and kept moist for transplanting. Once the transplanting has taken place, the plants are watered in and then monitored and maintained by CCWRS for a period of 12 weeks to ensure the ongoing survival of the plants.

Material such as seeds are also collected from sites under threat from development and either sown to be used in future local provenance plantings or stored at our Regional Seedbank for future projects. Plants which are difficult to grow from seed or cannot be transplanted can be grown on from cuttings and replanted when ready.

This has so far been our largest rescue and several smaller rescues have been performed since.  


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