Wildplant Nursery

The Wildplant Community Nursery was established in 2009 by the Central Coast Wildplant Rescue Service and the Community Environment Network.


It has long been the hope of CEN to be able to provide access to the flora of the  IMG20220107120923 2 Central Coast Region to its members and to the public.   

Our purpose is to promote and grow local provenance, native plants, to the public, to our members, and for use in our many projects.

Habitat for Wildlife - members will be able to access local native plants to compliment their gardens and provide a habitat for our local wildlife as well as sustaining the coasts ecology.

Land for Wildlife - members can take advantage of the nursery to grow natives from seeds collected from their properties which can then be replanted on their land for reforestation purposes.   

Bush Regeneration - projects undertaken by the CEN team will be  IMG20220107120952 2  able to access the nursery to grow seeds collected from   areas under their care to use in the revegetation of these areas.

Central Coast Wildplants Rescue Service – members and volunteers require nursery facilities to care for and grow plant   material collected from development sites under their care.

Community Groups – the nursery is also available for community and Bushcare/ Landcare groups to use the facilities at the nursery for their various projects with prior arrangement.

The nursery is complimented by our Regional Seedbank, collecting seed from our various projects and storing them for future use.  



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