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What is Marinewatch?

The aim of Marinewatch is to increase awareness and understanding of the local marine environment and it’s associated biodiversity.

The Marinewatch Project involves promoting the local marine biodiversity and informing the public about marine issues and what lies beneath the surface. This may prove valuable, especially with the movement and talk about Marine Protected Areas in NSW.

Working with local dive clubs, CEN's Marinewatch project will collect photographs and create a database of the local species. Other plans of implementing and distributing devices that can correctly scale the target species are underway and we look forward to these future improvements.

Fact sheets will be made available for individual species, and images may be used for a variety of purposes. These can be used to showcase this great part of the coastline and show why these areas need to be managed and conserved for future generations.

All photographs used will be credited with the photographers name and the best representative image of local species will be made into a fact sheet for public use. Images will also be available to the public via the website in printed and framed form. So this is a good chance to snag a bit of glory and help the marine environment that we love.

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CALL 02 4349 4756

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PO Box 149 Ourimbah NSW 2258

The Manor, Central Coast Campus
University of Newcaste
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