The time to act is NOW!


The group was formed by members of the Central Coast community because our response to the threat of climate change needs community support.

The group recognizes the following: 

  1. That it is clear that the warming being experienced is caused by human activities, in particular the emission of green house gases from combustion of fossil fuels, deforestation, etc.
  2. That the acidity of the Earth’s oceans is being driven up by human emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  3. That the earth has warmed already by 0.8 deg C over pre-industrial temperatures.
  4. That the emissions already created will drive further climate warming of the order of a further 0.75 deg C.
  5. That the impacts on the Earth’s biosphere are currently set to continue for a minimum of 1000 years.
  6. That the impacts include human/society losses as well as biodiversity loss:
    • Rising temperature
    • Rising sea level and loss of human settlements/agricultural land
    • Increasing ocean acidity
    • Health impacts – heat stress and disease
    • Biodiversity loss -- 20% to 40%



The Aims of Climate Future are: 

  1. To increase public education and awareness of climate change.
  2. To promote actions to mitigate climate change.
  3. To promote adaptation to the impacts of climate change
  4. To provide an avenue for the community to get involved in climate change events and activities.
  5. Promoting renewable energy and other practical measures.

Contact details

CALL 02 4349 4756

FAX 02 4349 4755

PO Box 149 Ourimbah NSW 2258

The Manor, Central Coast Campus
University of Newcaste
Brush Road Ourimbah


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