Environmental issues on the Central Coast

We all use water and it is the individual and the community's and government's responsibility to make sure that our usage is sustainable and water will be available not just for our future and that of future generations but also for water flows in the physical environment.

The National Water Conservation Rating and Labelling Scheme has developed the A-ratings for household appliances. The more "A's" the more water efficient the product is.

Products currently covered by the scheme include the following:

  • Shower heads.
  • (Showerheads can only obtain a maximum rating of 3As at present. Additional tests are being developed.)
  • Dishwashers.
  • Clothes washing machines.
  • Urinal operating mechanisms.
  • Taps and tap outlets.
  • Toilet suites or matched cistern and pan sets.
  • Flow regulators
Presently, products can be rated as indicated in the labels below: 

rating-1.gif rating-2.gif rating-3.gif rating-4.gif  rating-5.gif
1A 2A 3A 4A 5A
A moderate level of water efficiency A good level of water efficiency A good level of water efficiency A high level of water efficiency A very high level of water efficiency An excellent level of water efficiency
Example of new labelling system to appear soon.

Great water saving ideas are on NSW government “Water for Life” website

Water restriction information

If you want to find up-to-date information on water restriction or you have specific questions, go to the Gosford Wyong Water Authority website or call the Gosford City Council water call centre on 1800 460 612.

General Water Saving Tips:
  • Install a rainwater tank to save limited water resources and to help manage stormwater runoff. A Rainwater Tank rebate Program is available to Sydney water customers until 31. July 2008
  • Install a Grey Water diversion devise or a Domestic Gray water treatment system and send your kitchen, laundry and bathroom water (no toilet water) to the garden
  • Regularly check water pressure. High water pressure increases flow rates and causes water hammer. A pressure reduction valve can solve the problem.
  • Install AAA rated water saving REFIT kit from Gosford and Wyong shire council, including a showerhead, four aerators, a garden hose spray gun, two energy efficient light globes, a toilet cistern weight for single flush toilets and a water assessment of your home. Pay only $39 instead of $120. To book a kit, Tel: 1800 815 727
  • Check your meter reading Check taps, pipes and pluming fixtures for leaks. If no tap was turned on it should not give a reading
  • Replace leaking washers or collect (and use) dripping water in bucket until it is replaced.
  • Fix leaking pipes (this can waste up to 95000 litres a months!) and clear gutters or replace old leaking gutters to catch the maximum amount of water. 'EnviroFLO' covered gutters keep water clean, with the strainers allowing rainwater to pass through but not the leaf litter. This also makes cleaning the gutters a much easier task.

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