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  • 2015 - Peats Island and Mooney Hospital Land: What's Going on?

    Media Release - 12 January 2015

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  • Land Clearing Spells Bad News for Squirrel Gliders and Lakes! - 26 Jan 15

    Media Release The Community Environment Network has expressed alarm at the massive clearing taking place in Johns Road Wadallbah as part of a new subdivision. The broadscale clearing now approved by Wyong Council will cause increased sedimentation of Tuggerah Lakes and loss of habitat for threatened species. In previous subdivisions

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  • Transforming the Central Coast - 5 Jan, 2015

    Media release The Community Environment Network has taken aim at the recently released Transforming the Central Coast report by Wyong Council. The Report seeks significant public funding from the NSW and Federal Government for a grab bag of ill considered, poorly justified and unsustainable projects. According to media the total

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  • Wyong Council has lost the plot - 19 Jan, 2015

    Media Release The Community Environment Network has taken issue with Wyong Council and their recent press release on the appointment of a new Director of Property and Economic Development, Mr Mike Dowling, formerly of the property group Terrace Towers.

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