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Nature is diverse, connected, interdependent, restorative, and regenerative which has with time generated resilient communities of species and natural wonder. Those of us who do enjoy spending time in our natural environment would recognise this quality about being human, we are aware of nature’s beauty and bounty.

Maitland Bay

Our human communities must learn once more to practice the art of 'localism'. First Australians practiced it for tens of thousands of years, in which most of the interactions were local and regional. Buying, selling, trading sources of food and natures gifts. Recognising, our reliance on one another and our bioregional communities as essential for building regenerative communities into the future.

This summer, we are inviting members of our Central Coast community to share with us your written posts/blogs and photos in our competition: ‘What’s your nature?’ I’ll get us started. “My nature on the Central Coast is Maitland Bay bush track down to the water at Bouddi National Park. Why? The serenity and best of both worlds, the land and the sea. The seclusion and quiet is calming, yet I never feel isolated.” Share with us your photos, blogs of your nature from across the Central Coast and why you have chosen it as your nature? We will share the winning entries over the summer months on our CEN website, social and print media. Let’s share our connection to our natural environment to regenerate and restore what in fact makes us human - nature.

Please send maximum 50 word blog/posts of why this is your nature with your photo with location details from the Central Coast  to email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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