Environmental issues on the Central Coast
Waste Facility at Sommersby

An Application has been received for a State Significant Development (SSD) for another waste facility at Somersby. Once again the Central Coast Council has been bypassed.

See notice, comments are due by the 28th February.

In summary:

  1. Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies P/L at 90 Gindurra Rd, Somersby formerly operated as Kariong Landscape Supplies. A check with ASIC shows that the applicant on the SSD application, Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies P/L does not appear. They have applied for SSD to process 200, 000 t/pa of non-putrescible construction and demolition waste.
  2. Somersby Resource Recovery Facility, 83 Gindurra Rd, Somersby has applied for SSD to  process up to 500, 000 t/pa of waste comprising construction and demolition waste, commercial and industrial waste, green waste, soils and timber waste. This site is in a hidden lot against the M1 and has recently been the subject of new road construction with kerb and guttering and road sealing to access this hidden site.
  3. Somersby Materials Recycling Facility, 75 Pile Rd, Somersby, has applied for SSD to double their processing of domestic and commercial recycling from 60,000 t/pa to 120, 000 t/pa. Note that in the clean up notice an EPA site inspection on 1 July 2014 recorded burnt residual waste (baled and loose), burnt paper waste (baled), recyclable waste consisting of glass, plastic and paper (loose), aluminium waste (baled), plastic waste (baled), paper waste (baled), glass waste (loose) and other mixed wastes surrounding the premises boundary, including kerbside recycling bins, tyres, drums, plastics, cans and gas bottlers. Also it recorded a large waste fire at the site in June 2014 and subsequent EPA actions.
  4. Plus also note that there is a site almost opposite where Chivers Road joins with Gindurra Rd that has had a mountain of fill stockpiled there.

Note the extensive range of waste materials earmarked for processing.

CEN is opposed to the increasing use of the Central Coast as a dumping ground for Sydney. 

This is not good enough at the Gateway to the Central Coast:

  1. Illegal dumping at Spencer and in the mountains district; 
  2. Mangrove Mountain Golf Course dumping; 
  3. Huge amounts of unregulated filling at Somersby; 
  4. Proposal for 3 more Waste Facilities at Somersby.

Several of the issues involve the same people or interests of Bingo. 

To find out more:  See the Planning Major Projects at www.majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/page/on-exhibition

Please put in a submission by the 28th February.

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