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Welcome to our Archives page. On this page you will find totaly 36 of our articles broken down into Months and Years.

Lake Macquarie

The Lake Macquarie Planning Committee of CEN is responsible for looking at planning proposals particularly in the southern end of Lake Macquarie and making informed comment on environmental, social read more..


The Wyong Planning Committee of CEN has as a main concern the continue impact on the environment of urban growth. The Committee continues to be involved in the planning and environmental protection read more..


  CEN Comments - 28 July 2015 Gosford Council Item SF13 - Review of Environmental Zones and related issues   CEN opposes the recommendation as it currently stands on the basis that ther read more..


The Planning Committees collaborate and respond to NSW State government policies such as SEPPs, REPs and LEPs and new Department of Planning policies. Planning Alert !   e-wast read more..

Climate Change

The Risk Model is an approach for local councils to plan for future climate change in an equitable and proactive way. It allows local government to approve developments that are under the maximum be read more..

CEN Strategic Plan

2009 Download the current Strategic Plan here: CEN Strategic Plan 09(PDF 211Kb) (Please note: The above PDF is in Landscape. To view, right click the link and save the file to your compute read more..

CEN Newsletter

2009 Download the Spring Edition here: CEN_News_Jul_Aug_Sep(PDF 2.05MB) 2010 Download the Summer Edition here: CEN News Jan Jun(PDF 2.03MB) See the links on the left han read more..

Natural Connections

2009 Download the Spring Edition here:  NC_News_Spring(PDF 970Kb) See the links on the left hand menu to browse available online resources.   read more..

Volunteering at the Nursery

CEN has employed a Nursery Coordinator to oversee the day-to-day running of the Wildplant Community Nursery.  However, as we are a not-for-profit organisation and rely on grants and donations to... read more..

Regional Seedbank

The Community Environment Network has been collecting seed from various projects since 2006 to build our Regional Seedbank as part of our commitment to preserve the flora of the Central Coast and Lake... read more..


Local species of bony fish found in the ocean waters of our coastline. ... read more..


Echinoderms are quite common and include crinoids (feather stars) starfish and sea urchins. Sea Urchins play an important role in grazing over large boulders, leaving the pink corraline algae. These ... read more..


Nudibranchs and other molluscs. Molluscs can have a large variety of body forms and there are many known species (over 8000). 6 of the 7 classes are recorded from shallow Australian seas. Gastropod ... read more..

Local Marine Habitats

The habitats of NSWs rocky reefs are defined by the types and numbers of fish, invertebrates and algae found there as well as the attributes of the reef. These patterns are related to exposure to wave... read more..


Crustaceans are part of the phylum Arthropoda ('jointed appendages') with contains many land based relatives - the insects. The marine species also have a similar body set-up with a hard exoskeleton a... read more..


Cephalopods are a group of molluscs (related to shellfish), that have a reduced or lacking a shell (except the nautilus). Cephalopod literally means 'head-foot" are characterised by the head being par... read more..

Sharks and Rays

All these photographs are from the coastal waters of the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie region between the Hawkesbury River and Charlestown NSW. ... read more..


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Our Parks & Animals are not Fair Game!

The Nature Conservation Council is extremely concernded with the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill (Shooter' Bill) introduced into the NSW Parliment by the Shooters' Party in June. This app... read more..

Water Links

Acid Sulphate Soils in NSW:  http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/acidsulfatesoil/index.htm Native Fish Passage:  http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/habitat/threats/barriers Sewer read more..


Legislation. What is the National Water Initiative? Macro Water Sharing Plans. The pricing of Water. Opinion on Recycled Water Prices. Opinion - John Asquith   Legislat read more..

Helpfull Links

Australia's Small Birds Emeritus Professor Harry Recher draws on four decades of bird research in Australia to ring the alarm bells on the decline of Australia's small birds. These are the bush b... read more..

Terrigal Lagoon Reserve Rehabilitation Grant

The Community Environment Network has received federal government funding through Caring for Our Country Grants for bush regeneration and to work with the local community to rehabilitate Terrigal La read more..

Walking School Bus

Background The Safe Paths to School: Central Coast Walking School Bus (WSB) was started in 2004 with funding by the Central Coast Innovative Transport Solutions Fund through the Department of Infrast... read more..

Swamp Mahogany

Aiming to assess, identify and protect Swamp Mahogany forests in New South Wales Read about the recent listing of Swamp sclerophyll forest on coastal floodplains of the NSW North Coast, Sydney Basin... read more..

A Reference List of Books

Burnum Burnum’s Wildthings: Sainty G, Hosking J, Abell P, Jacobs S & Dalby-Ball M, Sainty and Associates Pty Ltd, Potts Point, revised ed 2000, ISBN 0 646 39879 2 A Field Guide to the read more..


Amphibian Research Centre The Amphibian Research Centre was established as a centre dedicated to research and conservation of Australia's unique frogs. They provide expertise in all areas of frog know... read more..

Bateau Bay Bushcare

Bateau Bay Bushcare was formed in 1988 when volunteers and the Bateau Bay Progress Association joined forces. John Salmon, the founder of Bateau Bay Bushcare has 30 years experience in bush regenerat... read more..

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