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The Central Coast Council has recently placed its Draft Tree and Vegetation Management Chapter XXX on exhibition for public comment.

While the draft chapter generally requires landowners to obtain a Permit from Council to remove or prune a tree, the draft also describes Exemptions to avoid having to obtain a Council Permit.

The Draft Chapter and Submission details are available through the following link: https://www.yourvoiceourcoast.com/draft-development-control-plan-xx-tree-and-vegetation-management.

Under the proposed chapter, trees may be removed without a Permit if Council is “satisfied” that they are dead or are assessed as posing a risk to persons or property and are not required as habitat for native fauna. Evidence of these assessments is required to be kept by the landowner for 6 months after the removal.


Background information on Mangrove Mountain Landfill

Mangrove Mountain Landfill sits at the highest point of the Central Coast water catchment and threatens the quality of the Central Coast water supply. The Landfill is located at the Mangrove Mountain Golf Course on the boundary between Gosford LGA and Wyong LGA. The threat comes from escaping leachate produced by the landfill that can seep into the underlying groundwater aquifer. This landfill has been getting bigger since 2001 and is currently 10 times the approved size.

The landfill has lain idle since 2014, following action in the Land and Environment Court, although there is still the matter of 800,000 cubic metres of waste sitting there without an effective lining underneath to prevent the escape of toxic leachate into the groundwater.

Scientific study has demonstrated that almost half of the stream flow in Ourimbah Creek comes from this groundwater. Central Coast Council pumps out of Ourimbah Creek into Mardi Dam. Water in Mardi Dam is shared with Mangrove Creek Dam. These are the two potable water storage facilities for the entire Central Coast.

The Mountain Districts community has been engaged for over ten years, opposing this threat to the regional water supply.

Two actions are sought. Firstly, a Special Commission of Inquiry to investigate the reasons that allowed a minor golf course remodelling project with development consent to become a regional waste management facility. Mangrove Mountain Landfill is an example of a gross failure of regulatory process and the community would like an inquiry to identify how this happened so that these sorts of things can be prevented in the future. Secondly, the community believe that Mangrove Mountain Landfill should be closed and the site remediated to eliminate the threat of leachate contaminating the Central Coast drinking water supply.

The shark was found at a popular NSW central coast diving spot

The shark was found at a popular NSW central coast diving spot.

Our oceans are under threat, with warming oceans, pollution and over fishing we need to ensure we establish protected marine environments for future generations.

Shark Drowned in Marine Sanctuary


The Shark was caught, stabbed and drowned in a marine sanctuary.

The State Government has released a series of documents.
They are colourful, have lots of photos and drawings.
But the devil is in the detail.
This fact sheet explores the detail.

pdfHere is the detail - download

The State Government is proposing to take away planning controls of Council; allow overshadowing of parks; eliminate planning controls on both the maximum height & FSR on large sites; reduce parking requirements for specific developments and on specific sites.
In other words, the State Government is opening the door to developers where the State Government is both the assessing authority and the determining authority. What check and balance does the community have?

Have your say lodge a submission.

Thoughts for inclusion in a submission

  • Councillor representation should be on all decision making bodies including Design Review Panel. “No taxation without representation”;
  • Council to have responsibility for assessment of all applications no matter what value to ensure effective community consultation is included in the assessment process. “Elected representatives to ensure ratepayers voice is heard”;
  • No overshadowing of any public parks including Kibble, Burns and Leagues Club between 9 am and 3 pm at winter solstice. “A park is not a park without sunlight”;
  • Ridgeline views to be contiguous with from waterfront. “Public Space maintains amenity”;
  • Impact of large buildings on views from lookouts to be assessed and not to be impacting horizon; “Maintain uninterrupted horizon views from public reserves (such as Rumbalara and Presidents Hill)”;
  • Car parking to match most likely demand, not idealised projections or wishful thinking; “Number of car parking spaces based on actual demand”; and
  • Place Manager to be employed by Council.

Submissions can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can post a submission to the
Department of Planning and Environment,
PO Box 1148
Gosford NSW 2250
Submissions close on 29 June, 2018

Mountain Districts Association (MDA) and the Community Environment Network (CEN) are now calling for an Independent Commission of Inquiry and investigation by the NSW Police into the Mangrove Mountain Landfill as a matter of urgencyWe are also calling on the NSW Premier to sack the EPA Board.

Did you see the ABC 4Corners story exposing the waste industry and disaster at Mangrove Mountain Landfill?

There needs to be an investigation into the sordid facts behind Gosford City Council (GCC) and NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)’s apparent gross neglect of statutory responsibilities.

This landfill site is in our drinking water catchment.We need this waste dump cleaned up and the site rehabilitated.

Mountains Districts Association submitted a lenghty document to the NSW Premier detailing major irregularities in the licensing, operation and management of Mangrove Mountain Landfill over a period of 18 years.

Maitland bay photo resized

As part of our 20th Anniversary Celebrations, CEN will be holding an Amateur Photographic Competition.

Objectives of the Competition: 

To showcase the Environment of the Central Coast. That is, the flora and fauna, native to the region and the beaches, waterways and landforms from the Hawkesbury River in the south to the Hunter River in the north. The western boundary is defined by the McPherson, Olney and Wattagan State Forests.  

Competition Categories:

  • Youth: a person under the age of 18 years
  • Adult: a person over the age of 18 years
  • Monochrome: is defined as any print containing shades of only one colour. If toning is carried out it must be over the whole image.
  • Colour: any photograph which is not monochrome, including monochrome images which have been partially toned or had colour added will be classed as colour prints.
  • Flora: flowers, trees, shrubs native to the Central Coast
  • Fauna: land, sea or air-borne native to the Central Coast (including insects or migratory birds which visit the Central Coast)
  • Waterways, Underwater and Landforms: includes the beaches, creeks, rivers, waterfalls, wetlands, underwater and natural geographical features of the Central Coast.

Entry Fee and payment:

 $8:00 per photograph

Key Dates:
  • Entries are to be received by 4:30 pm on Wednesday 17th May 2017
  • Exhibition Dates: Friday 26th May to Wednesday 31st May 2017 at The Entrance Gallery
  • On Wednesday 31st May 2017 collect from the Gallery between the hours of noon and 3pm

For further details - pdfDownload our Terms and Conditions / Entry Form.


For more information - phone Barbara - ph: 4332 3597 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wyong and Wyee residents have banded together to oppose the proposed Warnervale Airport.

Make your voice heard - and ensure that the proposal to increase the capacity of Warnervale airport is not carried forward in the Central Coast Regional Plan.

Do not accept Wyong Council’s proposal for a B737 and A320 capable 1800m jet airport with flight paths over your home.

The Central Coast Draft Regional Plan is currently on exhibition - submissions close on 28 February, 2016.

What you can do to help:

Click here to complete an online submission to Department of Planning

The Coastal Open Space System (COSS) is a network of reserves supporting natural vegetation that are managed by Gosford Council for a number of environmental and community values. COSS lands provide important ecological habitats (or homes) and essential linkages (wildlife corridors) for diverse fauna and flora. These natural areas are also popular places for leisure and relaxation with residents and visitors alike.

Become a Friend of COSS Member

The Community Environment Network (CEN) is proud to offer the services of a professional Bush Regeneration Team. CEN has been conducting professional Bush Regeneration Services for over 6 years.

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