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The Community Environment Network, CEN, has made a submission in response to the review of a proposed development at 414 Old Maitland Road Mardi.
According to the CEN submission, the digital readout of this application of some 96 pages through Council’s website omits data of all of the attachments, appendices and maps from pages 69 thru 96. This has been noted by Council staff upon our request to the Development
Team to rectify the anomaly.
As of approximately 50 hours before the close of submissions, no reference attachments or appendices were available to study which is why CEN's submission requests that the proposal be resubmitted for public consultation in the 2023 new year.

CEN has requested that Council must be prepared to accept supplementary submissions after December 16 based on the missing data.

"Therefore any determination of this application [must] be deferred until all information has been assessed by the public within a reasonable

The CEN submission also comments on site filling.

"In the submission by the Stevens Group it is claimed (Page 8) that it is a “level site” yet they say it (correctly) ranges from 3metres AHD through to 30 metres AHD. Stevens Group also say that..”the land is subject to filling by up to five (5) metres..” to help level the site for achieving the

"Another puzzling statement (Page 12) says 'no physical works are proposed under the Development Lot Subdivision with all works to be completed on a stage by stage basis'. Are Stevens Group saying that Council just needs to look at this paper application and visualise that no disturbance of the site will happen, they just need approval now?

"The destruction will occur once you agree to this but no one will be blamed in the long run. They offer 'death by a thousand cuts' as a way forward. No wonder the Regional Panel opposed this application on so many fronts.

In Table 1 on Page 12 the C3 Environmental Conservation approach is that “management will encompass the riparian corridor and other small pockets of land”. This indicates a fractured conservation area that, as we know from experience, deteriorates in the medium term to eventually
useless pockets of degraded environmental communities of both flora and fauna.

This comes with such a large development wherein peripheral impacts continue over time. 

We note the term “Community and Neighborhood Scheme” being used as a masthead for this application. It really is a sweetener term. It is a major breakaway development that has aroused widespread concern. Initially there were hundreds of community submissions against this
development. The community spoke against this long ago.

There are an estimated 1821 additional vehicle trips during weekdays and about 2100 trips on weekend days envisaged for Old Maitland Road. This is just too great an impact on the edge of the rural backdrop. Page 16 says that the “controlled intersection of Old Maitland Road and Yarramalong Road does not have an adverse affect”. This really is deplorable.

Because the appendices of this application, containing the intersection plan, are yet to be disclosed as mentioned earlier on we assume that a stop sign at Woodbury’s Park, preventing traffic moving freely from Wyong to Yarramalong, giving priority to traffic coming into town, and also from Old
Maitland road, is still in the Plan. This major disruption is all because of the request for development by the Stevens Group. This should be totally unacceptable to Central Coast Council.

Since the earliest attempts to develop a large residential/rural enclave at the abovementioned site CEN has shown constant opposition on the basis that it represents a major breakaway from protection of the coast’s main water catchment area and statutes declaring that no developments of
this calibre be allowed west of the M1 Freeway.

Correctly on Page 29 the applicant states “The land is mapped as being within the drinking water catchment”. Initially, years ago the original applicant maintained that this was not so. So many statutes protect the water catchment of the coast. Protection of the catchment is paramount in
Council’s edict and is continually espoused of utter importance in Council and its Coasts and Catchment Advisory Group which meets regularly. 

The list of DCP requirements for this application include (2.2 Staging (a) (v) impacts on water quality and stormwater treatment. This has not been addressed by the applicant and they state on Page 17 that storm water retention has been excluded (4.1.7) from the application. How does Council see stormwater management within this plan?

CEN 2 November 2021 submitted to Anderson Environmental Planning (acting on behalf of the Stevens Group) a response declaring our opposition to this development due to threats to particularly endangered flora in relation to a referral under the EPBC Federal Act, Referral

We note of course the raft of declarations opposing this same development by the Hunter Central Coast Regional Planning Panel last February and the subsequent refusal by the Regional Panel. 

The Stevens Group, having altered very little of that same application except for a small reduction in lot numbers ,offer no real change to the overall development.

Page 20 states that “Bush fire threat reveals the proposed development will be affected by forest hazard from the north, west and south”. Alarm bells should ring loud again here. Regardless of the Stevens Group being able to tweak this development, the ominous threat to lives and properties of prospective buyers remains large. Once again on this basis Council must not venture into any move to approve this application.

The declaration within the application that identifies plant community types (PCT1720) as defined (Flax-leaved Paperbark Flood Plain Forest/Coastal Flood Plains Forest), as we identified and submitted in November last year, requires Council to refer to the Federal Government under the EPBC Act. Herein is another lengthy hurdle for the applicant to consider and also Council to consider with its own time and resources to follow through.

The extensive DCP requirements by Council are mostly not addressed at all within the listings following the general text of the application. This application is poorly presented to Council for consideration.

CEN asks that this application be re-submitted for EXHIBITION IN THE NEW YEAR due to the pages 69-96 being omitted containing vital appendices referred to in the main text, attachments and maps.

Our intention is to at the very least submit a SUPPLEMENTARY submission once the remaining data from this application is available .
CEN reiterates that no determination, based on the available data, occur.
this outlandish development application by the Stevens Group based on previous concerns and
rejection by the Regional Planning Panel and concerns embodied within this submission.

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