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ccwrsWhat is a wildplant
The word ‘wildplant’ was devised by the wildplant rescue service as the botanical equivalent of ‘wildlife’. It is defined by the wildplant rescue service as a native plant living in its natural, local habitat.

What is Wildplant Rescue Service?
Wildplant Rescue Service started in the Blue Mountains in 1994. The Central Coast Wildplant Rescue Service (CCWRS) aims to aid in conserving biodiversity and achieving the goals of sustainability by rescuing valuable wasted natural resources and promoting their use in their local area.

Wildplant Rescue Service transplants small plants, collects seed, cutting and other valuable propagation and regeneration materials that would otherwise be destroyed in the process of development. Wildplants grown are then made available and promoted for use in the local area.

The use of local wildplants will be integral to the future conservation of biodiversity. Much variation of height and form, flowering times, growth rates, frost resistance and drought tolerance occurs within species from different areas.

Water Conservation
Wildplant species are adapted to local conditions so once established wildplants can survive with rainfall alone. The use of wildplant species has a significant impact on reducing water consumption related to maintaining parks and gardens.

Why use local wildplants?

  • Local wildplants have evolved over millions of years to local environment conditions, therefore have a higher survival rate and require minimum watering.
  • Native species of birds, mammals and reptiles depend on local wildplants for food, shelter and nesting sites. Wildplant rescue can be carried out with a fauna rescue program.
  • By using local wildplant species the heritage and unique character of the Central Coast can be preserved and enhanced.
  • Wildplants were an important food and medicinal source for local aboriginal people. Many wildplants can provide a focal point for learning about our indigenous heritage.
  • Local wildplants are integral to the goals of biodiversity, conservation and ecologically sustainable development.

The CCWRS is an activity of the Community Environment Network and hopes to work with local councils and developers to promote and ensure the environmentally sustainable future of the Central Coast for its residents. We are committed to preserving the native ‘wildplants’ of the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie region and would be happy to hear from landholders and developers wishing to use our service. Whether you are clearing a housing block or undertaking a large development the Central Coast Wildplant Rescue Service can provide qualified staff and volunteers to perform a “Wildplant Rescue” at your site.

As the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie region continue to grow, our native bushland is under constant threat from development. The CCWRS in conjunction with CEN and local councils will hopefully be able to stem the tide of destruction that often accompanies the spread of urban development.

Contact details

CALL 02 4349 4756

FAX 02 4349 4755

PO Box 149 Ourimbah NSW 2258

The Manor, Central Coast Campus
University of Newcaste
Brush Road Ourimbah


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