Protect        Reconnect           Regenerate

Protect Reconnect Regenerate

  Our CEN Youth   over the past   few  months have   been  developing   the following:   'Steps Towards a   Sustainable   Future' - as an   easy  accessible   guide for   members of our Central  Coast community to take  action in building a  sustainable future.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Native Trees & Plant Based Foods



Renewable Energy

Avoiding plastic packaging where you can

Reuse and refill water bottles

Know your bins: Red, Yellow, Green

Plastic free alternatives

Keep cups (support cafes engaging with initiatives)
Reusable bags
Reusable water bottles

Be mindful of water and energy usage

Consider planting native trees

Join your local environment network

Involve yourself in bush regeneration groups

Joining local permaculture food and community garden networks

Reduce meat and dairy intake e.g. Meat free Mondays

Support local farmer’s markets and localised food sources

Consider riding your bike

Walk more

Carpool when possible

Use public transport as often as you can

Write letters to your MP’s explaining your concerns sharing your stories & vision for a more sustainable future

Get involved with local letter writing projects aimed at protecting the environment

Do your research to understand the issues.

Share your stories (film,art, written and verbal) of why we need a healthy earth ...

Support community solar energy projects

Choose an energy provider that promotes renewable energy e.g. Powershop

Look into putting solar panels on your roof as increasingly renewable energy is a cheaper option

Remember to turn off lights when not in use