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A small population of Bush Stone-curlew Burhinus grallarius, has etched out a living around the Brisbane Water, on the Central Coast of NSW, for decades. There remain possibly only 15 to 20 individuals living around the foreshore in the grassy layer beneath the trees, and even on the streets. It is hoped that with direct action, monitoring and partnerships with passionate stakeholders, that we can help this small population remain viable into the long term.

The Friends of the Bush Stone-curlew, is a passionate group of volunteers who have been actively monitoring the BSc populaton for over ten years.

What do we love about this bird?

It's quirky, in fact fascinating to watch, particularly at breeding season when it's courtship dance would stop any passerby in its tracks. Its haunting night-time call is perhaps a reminder that all is well in nature. All who connect with these birds find them charismatic, amusing and, well, life just wouldn't be the same without them! Not just all this but that these birds are a natural part of the Brisbane Water ecosystem means they have an intrinsic value just being thereBSC CROPPED.

Volunteers are invited to participate in bi-annual surveys around the Brisbane Water to help the group estimate the number of individual birds in the population.

To learn more about the  Bush Stone-curlew download Fact Sheet

To learn about the Bush Stone-curlew Recovery Plan download Recovery Plan

To read the "Curlew Crier" newsletter go to: Information/CEN Publications/Curlew Crier

To learn about the Bush Stone-Curlew Project download Bush stone-curlew project factsheet

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