Wattles (Acacia)

A large group of plants renging from small prickly shrubs to trees. Rount pom pom shaped flowers ranging in colour from bright yellow to white. Fast growing and hardy against drought due to their modified leaves called phyllodes.

Photo by: T.M. Tame

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Acacia elongata - Swamp Wattle

Shrub 3-7m high
winter - spring
Full sun, part shade
Moist soil
Frost hardy
Bee attracting
Wildplant Community
Sandstone and sandy dry sclerophyll woodlands and heathlands.


Acacia floribunda -Gossamer Wattle

Fast growing 3- 8m
Screening, hedge, erosion control
Suitable in most soil types
Full sun to part shade
Drought and frost tolerant
Wind and salt tolerant
Flowering in spring
Wildplant Community
Coastal eucalypt woodland and wet sclerophyll forests.


Acacia terminalis - Sunshine wattle

Variable shrub 1 - 5m
Full sun, partial shade
Well drained soil
Sand or clay
Flowers Mar-July
Wildplant Community
Sandstone heathland, woodland, and open forest.


Acacia ulicifolia - Juniper Wattle

Prickly shrub 1-2m
Full sun, dappled shade
Well drained soil
Frost resistant
Flowers Mar -Sep
Low screen
Bird refuge (habitat)
Wildplant Community
Coastal heathland, dry sclerophyll forest and woodland.



Acacia implexa - Hickory Wattle

Tree 4 - 10m
Full sun, part shade
Sandy, loam or clay soils
Flowers Summer
Wildplant Community
Open forest and woodland.



Acacia myrtifolia - Myrtle Wattle

Fast-growing 1-3m
Partial sun
Well-drained soil
Flowers July - October
Wildplant Community
Coastal locations in open forest, mixed woodlands, scrub, or heath.