Wattles (Acacia)

A large group of plants renging from small prickly shrubs to trees. Rount pom pom shaped flowers ranging in colour from bright yellow to white. Fast growing and hardy against drought due to their modified leaves called phyllodes.

Photo by: T.M. Tame

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Myrtle Wattle - Acacia myrtifolia

Fast-growing round and erect shrub 1-3m with red, ribbed stems
Well-drained soil
Full sun to semi-shade
Flowering White flowers July - October
Bee and insect attracting


Brisbane Wattle - Acacia fimbriata

Fast growing large shrub or small tree to 6 - 7m
Dense foliage to 4 -6m wide, good for screening
Well drained soil
Full sun to light shade
Drought tolerant
Frost tolerant
Golden flowers early spring
Attracting birds and other beneficial insects


Sydney green wattle - Acacia irrorata subsp. irrorata

Fast-growing tree up to 10-12m
Dark green feathery leaves
Full fun, part shade
Drought tolerant
Perfumed yellow wattle flowers Spring to Summer