Vines, Scramblers, Ramblers & Climbers

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Dusky Coral Pea - Kennedia rubicunda

Vigorous climber and creeper 6m x 4m
Fine rusty hairs on leaves
All types of well-drained
Full sun to part shade
Showy red pea-flower in spring
Nitrogen fixer


Wombat Berry - Eustrephus latifolius

Hardy and delecate, evergreen vine growing up to 6m x 6m
Part shade to full sun
Wide range of soils
Flower is white throughout spring and summer
Orange berry which is favored by many fauna species
Found in a vaiety of plant communities from Rainforest to Coastal Dunes


Wonga Vine - Pandorea pandorana

Fast growing, woody evergreen climber
Height up to 20m
Width to 9m
Great for privacy screening
Full-sun to part shade
Tolerant of most soils
White to cream bell flowers in spring