Plants that grow from a single stem above 5 metres

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Cheese Tree - Glochidion ferdinandi

Size Fast growing small Tree to 8- 10m.cheese shaped fruits that open to showy red seeds. Bird and butterfly attracting Soil Well-drained soil. Location Hardy plant, most soil types Flowering All year


Muttonwood - Myrsine variabilis

Size Small Tree up to 15m, great for screening Soil Heavy moist soil Location Semi shaded position Flowering Flowers May-Sept and produces blue berries that attract birds


Sandpaper Fig - Ficus coronata

Medium-sized tree about 15m, with rough sandpaper-like leaves and dark bark. Fruits appear on the stem and trunk during Summer to Autumn


White Flowering Bottlebrush - Callistemon shiressii

Size Uncommon small tree to 12m with papery bark great for hedging.

Soil Damp heavy soil

Location Full sun to part shade.

Flowering White flower Sept - Jan


Photographer: Fagg, M.