Multi-stemmed and small plants less than 5 metres

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Willow-leafed Hakea - Hakea salicifolia

Size Shrub or small Tree 5-8m, excellent screening plant. Soil All types of free draining soil. Location Full sun to part shade out of wind as is shallow rooted Flowering Late winter attracting birds and bees


Swamp Hibiscus - Hibiscus diversifolius

Size Deciduous shrub 1-2m. Soil Heavy moist fertile soil Location Full sun, tender to frost Flowering Yellow edible flowers during summer, attracts birds and bees.


Tick Bush - Kunzea ambigua

Size Small shrub 1-3m Soil Well-drained soil. Location Part shade. Flowering Masses of white honey-scented flowers in summer, attracting bees and insects.


Drumsticks - Isopogon anemonifolius

Size shrub 0.5-2m high with similar width, leaves about 10cm and divided into many linear segments

Soil moist well drained soil

Location full sun or light shade, can tolerate heavy pruning

Flowering yellow flower clusters arranged in globular heads in late spring to and early summer


Heath Myrtle - Baeckea imbricata

Small erect shrub up to 1m, small circular leaves that overlap all the way up the branches. Most well drained soil types. Prolific white flowers Spring to late Summer


Graceful Bush Pea - Pultenaea flexilis

Endemic to Eastern Aust. Shrub 2-4m; inflorescence with yellow flowers with red markings. Well drained soil


Native Currant - Leucopogon parviflorus

erect shrub 1.2-5m coastal heath, well drained soil. Full sun light shade. White fragrant flower Jul-Oct; edible fruit; bird attractant