Ground Covers and Ferns

Sprawling plants that cover large areas of ground without height

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White Root - Pratia purpurascens

Small herb with creeping rhizomes often spreading >30cm
Purple underside of the leaf
Moist soil with moderate drainage
Part sun, part shade
Pale pink to bluish lilac flowers Spring to Summer


Native Violet - Viola hederacea

Prostrate perennial herb
Moist moderately drained soil
Light to full shade position
Small purple and white flower all year round
Edible flowers
Often used as a lawn replacement


Showy Violet - Viola betonicifolia

Size Small perennial herb with edible flowers that attract bees Soil Tolerant of damper soils and conditions Location Full sun to part shade. Flowering Purple flower Sept-Dec


Weeping Grass - Microlaena stipoides

Fast growing, delecate grass to 0.6 m
High drought tolerance
Frost tolerant
Tolerates poorly drained sandy, loam and clay soils
Full sun to full shade
Good habitat and seed for native birds


Blue Trumpet - Brunoniella australis

Widespread prostrate herb to 30cm
Moist areas especially sloping ground
Full sun or filtered sun


Creeping Boobialla 'fine leaf'- Myoporum parvifolium

Height - Creeper to 18-40mm high, up to 3m wide
Fleshy egg-shaped leaves

Aspect -  Full sun to part shade

Soil - Well drained soils

Flowers -  White stars, Spring-Summer
Small yellowish-white fruit

Tips -  Good ground cover
Not a local species
Not suitable for regeneration projects


Creeping Boobialla - Myoporum parvifolium

Creeper 15-40mm and up to 3m wide
Full sun to part shade
Well drained soils
Flowers spring to summer, followed by small yellow fruit