Plants that grow well in wet areas and like wet feet

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Tall Sedge - Carex appressa

Perennial grass-like sedge to 1.2m
Moist soils
Full sun to part shade
Brown flower spike in Spring to Summer
Butterfly and frog attracting


Saw Sedge - Gahnia clarkei

Perennial sedge up to 2m
Damp soil
Full sun to part shade
Black Flower spike from Sep-Feb followed by jewel-like red fruit
Bird attracting
Frog habitat


Slender Knotweed - Persicaria decipiens

Slender, weak stemmed, semi- aquatic plant to 120 cm
Moist soil conditions
Full sun to part shade
Moderately sensitive to frost
Pink flower Dec - April


Wooly Waterlily - Philydrum languinosum

Emergent aquatic perennial, common along creek lines or boggy situations
Up to 2m, yellow flowers Oct-Mar
Great for frog habitat


Knobby Club Rush - Ficinia nodosa

Perennial sedge 40-90cm
Full sun to part shade
Sandy and rocky soils
Brown nuts which appear on ends of stems
Coastal dune, Salt marsh and foreshores
Small bird attracting