Plants that grow well in wet areas and like wet feet

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Carex appressa - Tall Sedge

Sedge to 1.2m
Moist soils
Full sun to part shade
Flowers Spring to Summer
Butterfly and frog attracting


Gahnia clarkei - Saw Sedge

Perennial sedge up to 2m
Damp soil
Full sun to part shade
Black Flower spike from Sep-Feb followed by jewel-like red fruit
Bird attracting
Frog/ small bird habitat


Crinum pedunculatum - Swamp Lily

Hardy bulbous perennial
Tolerates all soil types in sun or shade
White/pink flower summer-autumn


Philydrum languinosum - Wooly Waterlily

Emergent aquatic perennial to 1m
Yellow whorled inflorescence in Oct-March, reaching up to 2m
Great plant for bogs and marshy drainage lines
Excellent frog habitat


Isolepsis cernua - Fairy Lights

Ground cover up to 30cm high
Adaptable (full sun, semi shade, shade)
Part of the Sedge family and as such loves water
Any moderately fertile soil with reliable moisture
Highlighted year round by tiny white flowers