Warnervale Airport (ALA = Aircraft Landing Area)

“There is  a long history of the Warnervale Airport and attached is a “Warnervale Airport Brief History” (the references are in the Bibliography). 

The key points are:

  • There is no Central Coast Airport as an Airport has never been approved.
  • Masterplan is just a drawing, a work of art, it has no standing under the Planning legislation.
  • The Minister for Transport has confirmed the runway is just a Landing Strip (see attached letter).Liability and not Viable – recommends sale of land“  quote from Feasibility Study (2013)
  • “Not the best use of land “ council study (2013)
  • Not supported by Newcastle Airport due to impact on catchment (Letter 2016);
  • Planning Minister announces Warnervale Airport Act to be retained (August 2017);
  • Motion passed by CC Councillors to ceased all work on Airport (November 2017)
  • Not Supported by Lake Macquarie Council, due to impact on residents (Letter 2018), 
  • Not compliant with CASA rules; (email 11/12/2018)
  • Noise from flights will affect 45,000 residents
  • No airport included in CC Regional Plan or CC Transport Plan.

The continued operation of the airport, is costing a lot of money and represents a substantial risk to council for no benefit;

  • Cumulative operating costs  of $2.4 million over the last 4 years;
  • Cost of land purchased for an airport is nearly, $20 million;
  • Capital costs for airport, fencing, earthworks, road works of $10 million;
  • Holding costs of $1.5 million per annum in interest and loss of rate income;
  • Consultants costs of $450,000.

All these costs are borne by council with no return to ratepayers. This wastage needs needs to be stopped.

Risk to council include:

  • Operation of the Airport is already in breach of Warnervale Airport Restrictions Act, with potential fines of up to $11,000 per movement. This equates to $1.4 million per day.
  • Masterplan is in breach of the WAR Act which prohibits any proposal for an airport longer than 1200 metres.
  • Airport is non-compliant with CASA Air Safety Guidelines. 

The Central Coast is well serviced with major airports having 3 within one hour travelling:

  1. Kingsford Smith at Mascot (international and Domestic);
  2. Newcastle at Tea Gardens, one of the lowest cost airports in Australia (International and Domestic);
  3. New Badgerys Creek Airport – opening 2026 (international and Domestic).

The Central Coast Council has passed a motion to permanently protect Porters Creek wetland.

Read the newspaper report of the Mayor’s comments See: https://coastcommunitynews.com.au/central-coast/news/2018/12/action-taken-to-protect-the-largest-fresh-water-wetland-on-the-central-coast/

For educational resources on the wetland see: http://www.blueplanet.nsw.edu.au/porters-creek-case-study/.aspx

Why we need Porters Creek Wetland permanently protected : it is the most important wetland on the Central Coast.

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