The time to act is NOW!

Climate Future "Cool It" has prepared a Campaign Strategy as a guide to carrying out its work. The Strategy was endorsed by the CEN membership at the Annual General Meeting June 2010. 

The main aims of the campaign are based on the need for education of the community about the coming impacts and for urgent action to reduce emissions.

Even if we take drastic action to reduce emissions the impacts that are already locked in will be deep and irresistable. So Climate Future will be working to encourage Local Government to accept that changes are inevitable and to plan ahead for the impacts. Discouraging development of threatened land is important in maintaining resilience to the coming changes.

An ambitious approach to reducing emissions of green house gases is critical if we are to keep global temperature to the internationally agreed 2 degrees rise. To meet this target, global emissions have to stop rising by 2015 and start reducing rapidly after that. So Climate Future will be working towards replacement of our coal fired power stations with renewable energy such as wind, solar thermal, photovoltaic (PV) and geothermal power. The scale of these new power supplies needs to be very large to enable us to shut down the coal power stations that are ruining our planet for future generations.

The most effective and economic manner of reducing our emissions is to introduce a broad based and equitable cap and trade system for green house gas emissions. So Climate Future will be asking our politicians to support such a policy at all levels of government.

This issue is an ethical issue. If we do not respond to this challenge, our descendants will rightly condemn us for our lack of responsibility.  

To read the full Climate Future “Cool It” Campaign Strategy download: cf-campaign_strategy-20100723(PDF 353Kb)

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